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Chief Operating Officer


Jerry Bessette serves as Chief Operating Officer for Cyber Defense Labs. As an executive team member, Jerry leads the company’s cybersecurity consulting, client operations, and technical teams. He brings a long-standing, successful c-suite leadership career in cyber security operations from the public and private sectors. 


Jerry started his professional career as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He left active duty to become an FBI Agent where he served for 24 years before retiring as a member of the Senior Executive Service. During his FBI career, Jerry held various leadership positions around the country and

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was also a special detailee to the intelligence community. He was the Chief of Technical Operations for the FBI Cyber Division in his last Bureau assignment where he managed the FBI’s national cyber incident response team, investigative technical operations, and led the investigation into several of the nation’s most prominent cybersecurity breaches.


Following his retirement from the FBI, Jerry held senior leadership positions in the private sector as a Managing Director for a global cyber security consulting firm, Chief Operating Officer for a digital forensics and incident response firm and was a Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton. He successfully led cybersecurity consulting teams focused on incident response, tabletop exercises, and advisory services. Additionally, he developed go-to-market strategies around incident response, threat actor negotiations, remediation programs, ransomware readiness assessments, retainers, and executive awareness. He has built and grown several advisory practices that resulted in significant year-over-year revenue growth.


Jerry has conducted exercises and threat briefings for C-suite members, senior leadership, and boards of directors at top financial institutions, energy firms, tech enterprises, retail organizations, and leading pharmaceutical corporations, including numerous members of the Fortune 100. He’s spoken publicly on cybersecurity and business risk across the US and internationally and serves on two advisory boards.


Jerry earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Military Institute. He is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

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